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Scott Cooke Design, Interior Designer

Scott had been in business for a long time and we had designed his branding nearly a decade ago —  now, it was time to take his business to the next level. His business is unique in that he has several lines of business: Interior Design, Renovations, and Landscaping.

Because Scott works in the design industry with upscale clients, it was important to create a logo and build a Website that reflect the quality of Scott’s talent and expertise…with a clean modern look that showcases the beauty and elegance of his portolio.

We had also seen an increase of mobile users coming to the site over the last year. We made sure that his new site was responsive and looked great on all devices. See what we did to make his site extra responsive.

“As an interior designer, and landscape designer, I needed to organize the various categories of my work, and introduce the viewer to what I do, and the body of my work. Janet did a wonderful job of “getting in my head” to understand my aesthetic, and offered valuable suggestions and powerful visual aids, to make the site easy to use, and visually pleasing. I found Janet to have a high taste level that reflected refined and simple elegance, and a firm knowledge of the necessary elements needed to make the site easy to navigate. Janet is really a pleasure to work with, and I found myself very much at ease during the entire process of the building of the site. The compliments that have come from site visitors have been overwhelmingly positive, and I have garnered countless positive reviews from respected designers in the field as well. I plan on continuing my working relationship with Janet, and view her as a valuable player in the scope of the development of my company; I feel confident in giving Janet Wayland my very highest recommendation.” 
—  Scott Cooke, Scott Cooke Designs
O'Donnell & Co, LLC Website Redesign

Local Accounting Firm

O’Donnell & Co. LLC
Local Accountant

Kim O’Donnell, an experienced accountant provides a quality service to her clients… and an avid horsewoman.

It was such a pleasure to design and build a gorgeous (and fully responsive) website that is aligned with the quality and personality of Kim and her business. The site includes a secure login to the client portal, and an announcement box that can be easily updated to the current tax timeline; and best of all — it has lots of room to scale as her business grows. We love the results, and so does she!

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Cincinnati Bass Cellar Website Redesign

Premier Luthier Shop

Cincinnatti Bass Cellar — Who doesn’t love talented muscians and luthiers? We loved designing and building this redesign for the mid-west’s premier bass shop.

CBC was long overdue for a new website…they needed to replace their old flash site with one that was fully responsive for all devices and had an easier way to enter and manage their store’s inventory. We built them an online store that allows their customers to send email enquiries directly from the instrument’s product page. We also setup a tagging system so that customers can quickly find instruments within their selected price range (and drool over higher price intruments only if they really wanted).

It was a joy working with this shop as these guys are true artisans and had some gorgeous photos to add to the interest and appeal of the site. We found an amazing wood inlay pattern that works nicely as the footer background and gave a nod to many the characteristics, sizes, and wood types that you can find in the many bass instruments of the world.

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Meet Jeanne Sharbuno

A Coach with Laser-Focus!

Jeanne Sharbuno — A coach and consultant bringing over 20 years of corporate experience to her coaching and consulting clients.

Jeanne gave us her favorite colors and told us that she like things “very clean”. We gave her a site that stretched her vision and has gotten rave reviews from her clients and friends. The site aligns with Jeanne’s goals and is a great foundation for Jeanne to take her business forward into the future. Jeanne likes getting results, and we do too!

 “Janet has given me a website that I can be proud of — a goal of mine for over a year! Janet was in-tune with what I needed and very intentional about creating a website that met my needs. She offered excellent suggestions and checked in often to be sure that I was happy with the results.  She even created a video for me with extra suggestions on how to work inside my website on Word Press…invaluable! Janet meets her clients where they are and is very responsive to their needs and requests — and, together you work as a team.  She is a pleasure to work with!”

Jeanne Sharbuno, PCC

Peak Performance Business Coach & Personal Success Mentor, and Author of 52 Ways to Live Success…from the Inside Out! (DC Press)

Wisdom Spring Redesign

A Non-Profit Preserving Indigenous Cultures & Changing Lives for Generations

Wisdom Spring — an amazing non-profit founded by internationally known author, teacher and activist Sobonfu Some because of a wish/vision by high school student Kristen Woods to raise money for the Dagara tribe in Burkina Faso, West Africa — had a small flash website that needed not only a major design refresh but was long overdue with a responsive technology solution that made it easier for more people to contribute in maintaining website content. We built a gorgeous website that shares the mission and goals of their non-profit work communicated with a sweet voice of the wisdom of Sobonfu and her traditions.

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Stepmom Coach Redesign

Gorgeous Redesign for a Dynamic Lady Who Brings So Much to Her Clients

Claudette Chenevert, The Stepmom Coach — We just love working with Claudette! In fact, so much so that this is the third time that we’ve redesigned her website. Over the years we’ve seen her grow so much in skill and wisdom to serve her clients. As always, we wanted her website to have an elegant modern look…and because Claudette has a bubbly, dynamic personality…it had to have vibrant imagery and a splash of fun. Each page has a unique banner image and quote to bring in extra feeling and life. This reworked website gives Claudette the ability to build new sales pages and various functionality herself as her programs and needs change.

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“Janet has done a great job in helping me to represent my profession and myself through my website. She has taken the time to really listen to what I wanted and created a site that reflects my philosophy as well as my values. Janet is easy to work with in that whenever I have new ideas for the site, she is willing to listen and give constructive feedback as to if this is a good idea or not for what my end results are. I highly recommend Janet for her dedication to her client and their causes.” 
Claudette Chenevert, Author and Stepfamily Coach
Foothills Housing Corporation Redesign

Local Non-Profit Doing Great Things

…with an old-fashioned Website that they were unable to update

Foothills Housing Corporation — FHC has been around and doing really awesome things for the people in their community for 45+ years. Impacting families in a way that span generations…to see a generation of children to be the first of their families to earn a college degree. Ripples of good caused by making it a mission to make sure that all homes in a county have indoor plumbing and safe decent housing.

But their website was a disaster…ugly and built long ago in a way that made it nearly impossible for the staff to update. We came in and worked on laying out a good plan for a new site architecture, that would be a platform for updated, fresh information. We built a site with a modern design (including refreshed logo) that the founders and staff can be very proud of, and update easily with their latest achievements.

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Eve Stockton Redsign

Artist & Printmaker

Eve Stockton — a brilliant artist  known for her large-scale woodcut prints inspired by close observation of nature and an eclectic interest in science — had an ancient flash-based website. We collaborated with her to build a beautiful responsive website to showcase her various collections. The new site not only is the perfect container for her art, but gently and elegantly repeats a box/square theme of the woodblock prints she creates.

She is super excited about her new site and is getting rave reviews. And we are just as excited!

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Find Your Joy Project - website and branding

A Special Project

April Habit — What a fun mission! To journey along a path of joy and share insights with the world. April engaged us to design and build a site to explore her passions and share little treasures from her everyday world.

We designed a custom logo and variations that could be used to brand her Facebook and Instagram posts…to develop a following and audiences that could link back to her businesses. Overall design elements pull from aspects of April’s personality and her daily walks and meditations on the beach…keeping in mind her audience that is primarily female.

This site is fully responsive to cater to her audience that originates from social media. There is also a visual editor that allows her to make content changes inline.

Sobonfu Some Redesign

Author, Teacher & Activist

Sobonfu Somé — an internationally known author, teacher and activist — had a small website that needed expansion to accurately reflect her mission and the impact she is making on the world. We designed and produced a beautiful, elegant website of which Sobonfu can be proud….a site that now focuses on bringing relevant information to those who wish to participate with Sobonfu’s work to share her traditions, and her work raising money through her non-profit to build wells and educate children.

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Align to Divine Health Redesign

An Entrepreneur Needed to Get Responsive!

Laura Young at Align to Divine Health had finally realized how important it was for her small business to have a responsive website. After running a Facebook ad for 24 hours she saw that out of the 3700 people that viewed it, only 46 were on PCs…the rest were on mobile devices. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single conversion from that ad. But, it was a wake up call for Laura.

We switched her website to Divi, a fully responsive theme that gives users a great in-webpage visual editor that they can use to modify the content on their pages. While we were at it, we refreshed her logo, worked on her branding and graphics giving her a more updated design, and reorganized all the content that was almost static and clutter before. By moving some items (including a dynamic testimonial) from a sidebar to the page footer section, she could have a nice full-page design that wasn’t a distraction from her message.

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“I was in a panic to get my old, outdated website to a responsive theme that would work well across all platforms. I discovered through Google Analytics and Facebook Ads that over 85% of people were looking at my website on cell phones! And that is why I had no opt-ins or scheduling clients – I spent hundreds of dollars on ads that didn’t produce! Janet stepped in and seamlessly transferred my site. As soon as it went live I was so relieved! I highly recommend Janet for her services, and WILL be recommending her to all my clients! She is truly talented and a dream to work with!”  —  Laura Young, Align to Divine Health

Logo & Site Redesign for Amazing Author, Artist & Coach

Jennifer Halls, YouKnow., LLC, had written more content to produce one of the largest small business websites we’ve ever seen. Yet, she had struggled with her Web folks to get everything designed and laid out in a way that didn’t overwhelm and disorient her visitors. There were many components in her site that she loved, but she knew it needed more work to be exactly right.   She was nervous about letting someone redesign things so we knew it was important to lay out a roadmap and gently guide her through the implementation, so that it didn’t feel traumatic. Jennifer is an artist, and it was important for her to feel involved and considered with design and layout changes, so we stayed in close communication throughout the project.

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       “Janet is a dream to work with and exceeds my expectations on a regular basis. She has a gift of coupling beauty with business. She is always positive, patient and insightful. She has great suggestions and asks questions to make sure my needs are met long term.”  — Jennifer Halls,  You know.®, LLC
Mackintosh Fruit Farm

Local Farm with a Booming Business

Mackintosh Fruit Farm’s website was a mess organizationally and graphically. It felt immature, and Mackintosh was ready to really up their game. We were excited to work with them to create a site that reflected the beauty of their farm and the fun that you could have there.

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A Small Business With No Web Presence

The Cotton House Fabrics: A wonderful new business in the heart of a small but growing town, The Cotton House needed an online presence and went to a local designer who completely failed them.We found out and came in for the rescue….

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Messengers of Spirit

A New Store in a Panic to Get Online

Fairy Dust Crystals and Such: Maritza, the owner of a brand new shop and spiritual growth center, was over her head when she tried to create her new website herself…not to mention, she was just too busy! Having a busy store is a great thing, but her online presence was stalled and stuck. She called us and we had her website up in about a week and a half. She had a great logo, but we wanted to play with it and make it artsy with a dash of magic by adding texture and color. We played with more texture in the headers and footer to reflect what a great little store this is. We got her events all organized in a sweet calendar that lets you toggle events in and out by category. We also setup a page for regular readers and teachers that were available to work with at the store, with a short list of their upcoming events. We think Maritza is off to a great start and her store is bound to be a success!

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Messengers of Spirit

An Entrepreneur with a Crashed Website

Messengers of Spirit: Ty Gaton came to us in a panic. She had overwritten her website builder site, taking the site completely down. As we began to talk to her, it became apparent she needed to migrate her site over to WordPress so that she could be on a platform that could expand with her business plans to build a suite of services, and auto-delivered e-courses and programs.

We immediately went to work, creating some fast branding and building out a totally redesigned version of her site out on WordPress. This sweet little site came together over a weekend with additional content being added over the next week. Ty was ecstatic at the results and how easily we read her mind and her business to build a site that full represented her.

“This lady has saved my business this week. She has taken a broke down, struggling, lost and confused (me) entrepreneur and set me on the path to divine success! Can I get an “A YEAH!” We are still in the process of working and fine tuning my website. But it is turning into everything that I have always wanted it to be. She is incredibly psychic. I have barely had to communicate with her about what I want. She just knows! My new website is a beauty! She came in and saved the day last week when the website I was attempting went completely offline. You know I love miraculous, divine intervention style stories and this one is no different. A friend of a friend, she came highly recommended with proven results. She has fought against this storm called “Mercury Hogwash Retrograde” and has shown up victorious!” — Ty Gayton
MId-Atlantic Church of the Brethren

Long Overdue for aWebsite Redesign…

Mid-Atlantic District Church of the Brethren: When we were approached by the committee, the district’s current website had long surpassed it’s lifespan. It was an old HTML website that wasn’t responsive at all, and the design just felt old.

We worked on an information architecture that the team could review and approve. The team set priorities for the content, and it was easy to know where each chunk of content belonged. Key to the district is having their member churches know what value it provides to them. So we put the list of mission goals right on the homepage in the top banner. Below that we have a dynamically generated list of announcements and events.

The site includes a large directory of member churches where you can search for or locate a church on the map. Later, we patched together a system to automate registration for their annual conference without requiring them to spend extra money on a full event system.

It was a joy to work with this team to give the district a functional and appealing website to support their mission.

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Managed Objects Corporate Website

Corporate Website for Software Dev Company

Managed Objects –  We produced several major redesigns for Managed Objects’ corporate website. Working in conjunction with their in-house Marketing department, we defined requirements and strategy to meet the needs of various stakeholders, and collaborated with their external ad agency to achieve the desired home page design, including the creation of a Flash banner. > More Details

Oakton Church of the Brethren

Large Website for Local Church

Oakton Church of the Brethren – We were delighted when Oakton’s Action and Reflection Committee contacted us to redesign their church website. They were frustrated because their in-house efforts to build a website had dragged on for at least two years with no substantial output. They asked us for a clean, elegant, and friendly website. We helped them define their information architecture for a structured website that made sense and gave them a way to publish MP3s sermons, post events, and handle complex user roles and permissions.

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“We recognized the need for a significant update to our church website. Janet met with the committee and made us feel comfortable from the beginning. Her listening skills serve her well, and we were very pleased that she was able to synthesize our discussion and her own research of the current website and the denominational resources into a product that was amazingly representative of our congregation and addressed our needs. Janet helped us work at adding the necessary information and design by asking appropriate questions and integrating material submitted by the committee. She was very patient with the committee processes and helped us negotiate through the necessary decisions about structure and access permissions. All of this was accomplished in a timely fashion. Her business is well named, as she was able to intuitively discern who we are and what we stand for as an organization and translate that into an online prescence. In addition, you will find Janet to be a calm, pleasant, helpful person to work with and I cannot say enough about our appreciation for what she was able to do for us at Oakton Church of the Brethren.”  
John Shafer, Director of Music and Member of the Action Reflection Committee.
Oakton Church of the Brethren

Local Contracting Firm

Virginia Roof Cleaning Contractor – When Frank McDonough contacted us, he was opening up a new business as a Roof Shampoo® authorized contractor. He needed a great website that would function as a brochure and first impression for the services he would offer customers locally.

Frank told us that when he made contact with potential customers, and they visited the website…it always closed the deal.

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“Janet has a special gift when it comes to creating new websites. I own several and she is the best I’ve worked with. I found when you hire someone to create a website they either know web design or development, Janet has the talent to do both. She not only designed my site she also developed it. Thank you Janet for keeping it simple for me.”  Frank McDonough, FMM Investment Co

Local Print Magazine Transforms to Digital News Website

MetroGreenBusiness – In the early 2000s, ScheinMedia purchased a small upstate New York residential Real Estate magazine. The existing website was the online version for magazine article content. But, ScheinMedia had larger plans for this company: turn the magazine from main feature, to one of many. The website was to become MetroGreenBusiness and be a comprehensive information website for green and sustainable business and real estate throughout the metro New York area. As with many clients, Jonathan Schein came to us with about two sentences regarding what he wanted to create. We understood his vision, and worked around a home-grown CMS in PHP to build a website that allowed editors to publish and maintain news content. Oh, and we also designed their new logo!

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