Managed Objects

Website Redesign

We handled several major redesigns for Managed Objects corporate website. At one point, they wanted a new website design to coincide with a major product release. They wanted their ad agency to design the overall “look & feel” to stay consistent with other collateral and projects. However, Managed Objects really wanted a Flash banner to be a prominent homepage feature, and found the ad agency’s ideas lacked excitement and message.

The Results

Working in conjunction with Managed Object’s Marketing department, we defined requirements and strategy to meet the needs of various stakeholders, and collaborated with their ad agency to achieve the desired home page design.

When the ad agency’s concept for the Flash banner did not live up to expectations, we took over and created a design that really brought into focus what Managed Objects wanted to accomplish. Play the Flash banner.

We handled the entire website production to deliver the website on schedule— and in a very aggressive timeframe.