What Our Clients Have to Say…

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Janet off and on for close to 15 years. Janet is a UX designer, graphic artist, developer and documentation specialist. She has an uncanny ability to create compelling intuitive user interfaces and designs. I have continuously sought out her consulting services to help design and build web based applications, mobile applications, desktop applications and documentation services. One of the many of her strong traits is her ability to quickly deliver on her work. She is a hard worker and consistently churns out her deliverables right away. Janet is a pleasure to work with. She is collaborative and willing to listen to good ideas. Her experience and intuition allow her to see through the fog of what you may be asking for and ask the right questions to deliver what you really want. I would highly recommend her consulting services to anyone looking for an expert at UI/UX design, graphic artwork, development and documentation services.”

E. Adam Cusson

Director of Software Engineering, NetIQ

“As an interior designer, and landscape designer, I needed to organize the various categories of my work, and introduce the viewer to what I do, and the body of my work. Janet did a wonderful job of “getting in my head” to understand my aesthetic, and offered valuable suggestions and powerful visual aids, to make the site easy to use, and visually pleasing. I found Janet to have a high taste level that reflected refined and simple elegance, and a firm knowledge of the necessary elements needed to make the site easy to navigate.   Janet is really a pleasure to work with, and I found myself very much at ease during the entire process of the building of the site. The compliments that have come from site visitors have been overwhelmingly positive, and I have garnered countless positive reviews from respected designers in the field as well. I plan on continuing my working relationship with Janet, and view her as a valuable player in the scope of the development of my company; I feel confident in giving Janet Wayland my very highest recommendation.”

Scott Cooke

Interior Designer, Scott Cooke Design

“This lady has saved my business this week. She has taken a broke down, struggling, lost and confused (me) entrepreneur and set me on the path to divine success! Can I get an “A YEAH!” We are still in the process of working and fine tuning my website. But it is turning into everything that I have always wanted it to be. She is incredibly psychic. I have barely had to communicate with her about what I want. She just knows! My new website is a beauty! She came in and saved the day last week when the website I was attempting went completely offline. You know I love miraculous, divine intervention style stories and this one is no different. A friend of a friend, she came highly recommended with proven results. She has fought against this storm called “Mercury Hogwash Retrograde” and has shown up victorious!”

Ty Gayton


I was in a panic to get my old, outdated website to a responsive theme that would work well across all platforms. I discovered through Google Analytics and Facebook Ads that over 85% of people were looking at my website on cell phones! And that is why I had no opt-ins or scheduling clients – I spent hundreds of dollars on ads that didn’t produce! Janet stepped in and seamlessly transferred my site. As soon as it went live I was so relieved! I highly recommend Janet for her services, and WILL be recommending her to all my clients! She is truly talented and a dream to work with!

Laura Young

Align to Divine Health

“Working with Janet was a rewarding experience. Janet remained detail oriented, while managing the time and work load of the remainder of her team. I could always count on her to get the job done well and within the deadline with a smile on her face. Additionally, Janet was a great problem solver. She always provided options when available.”

Natasha Smith

Operations Marketing Liaison, Navy Federal Credit Union

“Janet has many skills, but the most significant was putting a polished face on an emerging company, since it is much harder to create than it is to edit or change. Janet’s graphical design for the application client (of a client/server application) took excellent underlying technology from the simplistic look of a high school science project to a functionally well-designed and very professional look that has held up intact in the face of significant additions in the eight years since. I routinely stole items from her graphics library for my own use, because they conveyed that same sense of professionalism I needed. Janet also took product documentation from nearly non-existent to a full set encompassing a broad range of feature/function that was changing nearly every month. In the process, she developed and maintained a document template and a writer’s guide that were critical to my success in creating my own high-quality training material. Whatever your needs in the areas of design and writing, Janet will make a significant positive impact.”

Ray Parker

Education Manager, Managed Objects

“Janet is a star player who I have always enjoyed working with. Her level of detail and quality of work is some of the the best I have seen. Whether she is doing design work, graphics, technical documentation, QA, or just using the great mind she has, Janet is someone I would highly recommend her.”

Kurt Westerfeld

Senior Architect, Cloud Services, Computer Sciences Corporation

“Janet is a dream to work with and exceeds my expectations on a regular basis. She has a gift of coupling beauty with business. She is always positive, patient and insightful. She has great suggestions and asks questions to make sure my needs are met long term.”

Jennifer Halls

You know.®, LLC

“Janet has given me a website that I can be proud of — a goal of mine for over a year! Janet was in-tune with what I needed and very intentional about creating a website that met my needs. She offered excellent suggestions and checked in often to be sure that I was happy with the results. She even created a video for me with extra suggestions on how to work inside my website on Word Press…invaluable! Janet meets her clients where they are and is very responsive to their needs and requests — and, together you work as a team. She is a pleasure to work with!”

Jeanne Sharbuno, PCC

Peak Performance Business Coach & Personal Success Mentor, Author of "52 Ways to Live Success...from the Inside Out!" (DC Press)

“I have worked with Janet off and on for 15 years. She is an amazing user experience designer and technical writer. As a Product Manager, I consistently relied on her UI mock-ups and user experience guidance to create cutting edge Dashboards that were also intuitive and user friendly. Whether you need someone to create a mock-up for a brand new user interface, create a web page customized to your needs, or even to write the release notes for a product at the last minute (sorry Janet), Janet is someone you can trust to get the job done.”

Karen Nemzek

Sr Product Manager, NetIQ

“Janet is one of the best technical writers and graphic designers I have had the pleasure to work with. She can take a muddled, hard to navigate user interface and turn it into a thing of beauty…she did this with several of my initial designs. Her skills in human factors and ease of use combined with her graphic and writing skills make her an asset that is very hard to replace. She is a great person too!”

David McKee

Senor Software Engineer, Managed Objects

“Janet has done a great job in helping me to represent my profession and myself through my website. She has taken the time to really listen to what I wanted and created a site that reflects my philosophy as well as my values. Janet is easy to work with in that whenever I have new ideas for the site, she is willing to listen and give constructive feedback as to if this is a good idea or not for what my end results are. I highly recommend Janet for her dedication to her client and their causes.”

Claudette Chenevert

Author and Stepfamily Coach, StepmomCoach.com

“We recognized the need for a significant update to our church website. Janet met with the committee and made us feel comfortable from the beginning. Her listening skills serve her well, and we were very pleased that she was able to synthesize our discussion and her own research of the current website and the denominational resources into a product that was amazingly representative of our congregation and addressed our needs. Janet helped us work at adding the necessary information and design by asking appropriate questions and integrating material submitted by the committee. She was very patient with the committee processes and helped us negotiate through the necessary decisions about structure and access permissions. All of this was accomplished in a timely fashion. Her business is well named, as she was able to intuitively discern who we are and what we stand for as an organization and translate that into an online prescence. In addition, you will find Janet to be a calm, pleasant, helpful person to work with and I cannot say enough about our appreciation for what she was able to do for us at Oakton Church of the Brethren.”

John Shafer

Director of Music and Member of the Action Reflection Committee , Oakton Church of the Brethren

“Janet has a special gift when it comes to creating new websites, I own several and she is the best I’ve worked with. I found when you hire someone to create a website they either know web design or development, Janet has the talent to do both. She not only designed my site she also developed it. Thank you Janet for keeping it simple for me.”
Frank McDonough

President, FMM Investment Co