Website Redesign

ScheinMedia purchased a small upstate New York residential Real Estate magazine. The existing website was the online home for magazine article content. But, ScheinMedia had larger plans for this company: turn the magazine from main feature, to one of many. The website was to become MetroGreenBusiness and be a comprehensive information website for green and sustainable business and real estate throughout the metro New York area.

The Results

As with many clients, Jonathan Schein came to us with about two sentences regarding what he wanted to create. We understood his vision, and worked around a home-grown CMS in PHP to build the website as it stands now. This included:

  • Logo design
  • Website “look & feel” to a more corporate news organization
  • Integration of news publication software that allows writers easy access to publish and maintain news content
  • Design and creation of email processes for daily newsletter subscribers with the days headlines

We gave MetroGreenBusiness the professional look and capabilities necessary to be an asset to ScheinMedia as they grow their business as a major news supplier in the Real Estate industry.

>> MetroGreenBusiness website