Virginia Roof Cleaning Business

Website Creation

When Frank McDonough contacted us, he was opening up a new business as a Roof Shampoo® authorized contractor. He needed a great website that would function as a brochure and first impression for the services he would offer customers locally.

The Results

We created and built a custom Web site design for Frank with a “look & feel” that would make customers feel confident about hiring him, and assured that they would receive a quality product. We organized and lightly edited content available to him as an authorized Roof Shampoo® contractor.

This Web site allowed him to put his best foot forward…to win over customer before they even met him. Frank was delighted and found that nearly everyone who visited the Web site called him for an estimate, and then hired him for the job.

“Janet has a special gift when it comes to creating new websites. I own several and she is the best I’ve worked with. I found when you hire someone to create a website they either know web design or development, Janet has the talent to do both. She not only designed my site she also developed it. Thank you Janet for keeping it simple for me.”

Frank McDonough

President, FMM Investment Co